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Career Education

Career Education: The main goal of the Middle School Career Education Program is to introduce careers to students in a way that will help them connect the jobs and courses they will have in the future with the activities and courses they enjoy now. They are developing skills that will help them investigate the world of work in relation to themselves and to make informed career decisions. Career Education in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades is based on a sequential model of exploration, researching specifics on careers, and then making some decisions to help them prepare for high school. Sixth grade students are introduced to the six Career Pathways, complete a survey on personality styles and connect those to identify career interests. Seventh grade students are introduced to the web-based Bridges Explorer Program. They have an opportunity to explore their career interests as they peruse the thousands of career choices available to them. Eighth graders continue in the Bridges Explorer Program. Their exploration becomes more specific as they compare/contrast education and training required for the careers they are interested in, as well as wage/salary and projected growth rates. Students finish the middle school experience with their high school 4-year plan which transitions them to ninth grade complete with a career decision and class choices for the next four years.


Career Day: Every year, Post Falls Middle School students have an opportunity to select four out of approximately 30 presenters from our community who come to our school to talk about their chosen careers.